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A while back, we used to have some real good caption threads on the board. These are the best of the bunch. Mario and I used to do a lot. Loads of fun in those threads. If anyone wants to post any, just send them to me, along with your caption and I'll post them here.  Pics are mine unless otherwise stated. Also note that some of the pics can be clicked for a larger view. Seems many didn't realize that.

Ok, finally fixed the last pic of David's. Also, the new section of Captions is finally up, now that I got all the pics for them.

REPORTER: "Our top story..After hearing her show was cancelled, Roseanne Barr went on a rampage! We now take you to the scene...."

BARRY: "Whoa! Jill! Where are you doing in that outfit?!"

JILL: "Oh, sorry Barry. I didn't mean to get you THAT excited." 

Anna Nicole Smith, put down the giant neon hotdog! It's not real food, just part of a sign for a store. Back up and put your hands on you head or else we will have to use excessive force!

Does anyone ELSE want to try putting Mariah Carey's greatest hits in the cd player?!!

Eddie: ~sniff~ Whoaaa!! Fred, was that you? What the hell did you eat?!"

Fred: "Mexican. " 

Leon: This is what you get for making that horrid, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!'

Luis: Mmmfmfmfm!!..for the last TIME,Leon..I am not Johnny Depp!"

Leon: Whatever you say,John.


Leon: Now that I've finally gotten away from it all, it's time to do something I've missed dearly. *Fap,Fap,Fap*

Monster: WTF? OMGZORZ PR0N   




CLAIRE bawls out Leon for eating that bean burrito for lunch. Jill suggests a quick exit. 


BILLY: "Whoa! She's sucking on my naughties."


REBECCA: ~looking down~ "Well, I think it's plain to see why you're a Failure."

Kevin: "This game sucks." 



JILL: "What is it, Barry?"

BARRY: "It seems to be a joint wrapped in Invader Zim paper. Yep...looks like Mario WAS here!"

"I said to leggo my f'in Ego!"

LEON: " No I don't have any Ring and my name isn't Frodo."

ASHLEY: "C'mon...It's ok...we can do this, Leon. I'm 18...Seriously!"

LEON: "I dunno... Your breasts were a lot smaller a few hours ago."


Ok, here's the next, long delayed, batch of pics. Captions are mine, unless otherwise noted. This batch just happens to include selections from mostly others. RoS, PPants, Chad, Dik and Kaureq contributed to these. LOL, Chad's still makes me laugh. They're all good though. Poor Miles. Enjoy! 

"Once a month women become irrational monsters who will kill you on the drop of a hat. This is Rebecca's time of the month."
Return of Samus



LEON: Look out Ashley, we're being attacked by a 'Marvel Cease&Desist!'

Kevin and Alyssa soon found out, it was indeed a 'small world after all,' after they ventured to Epcot and faced off against.... The despised Eisner Tyrant.


You bake me that pie, woman! Or so help me ......

Ada unleashes her secret move..... The Basic Instinct.

Enemies become stunned and defenseless.

Guy: So Miles, now that is obvious that you are going to play the role of Ashley Graham in the next RE spoof maybe you could give us a sneak-peak like details of the storyline and such, the many fans of your movies would appreciate it. happy

Jamaican_Mon: What RE spoof?


*Caught for underage drinking, Yoko attempts to bribe an officer*



Zombies: It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes!

Jill: I am getting so hot and I'm gonna take my clothes off!


and finally...the long awaited, much too long to post, final section of the Classic Captions. This is the biggest section of them all and has some of the best ones. I was finally able to find pics of some of the ones I was missing. Quotes are marked by the user except mine. Enjoy.
I see the President has equipped his daughter with Ball...istics


Suicide Note:
"After losing my Uncle Richard to the giant snake and then losing to Reuben....
I can't go on another day. Goodbye cruel world."

signed ,Clay Aiken


Don't give me that look. If you had a dick for a left arm, you'd be pissed too.


LUIS: "Nice Balleestics. Tell me she...?"

LEON: "Yes Luis.... she's 18."

LUIS: "Bingo! Eets game time!


Beware...The T virus Chia pet.


New from Capcom and the mind of Mikami:

~scary man's voice~


I will now torture Claire with my new laser pointer!



It was a sad sad day when the T virus came to the island of Thomas the Train and friends.

Leon had made a wrong turn in the sewers and ended up in Outbreak 2. As a result, he had to face off against one of its fiercest new monsters....
The mutated Sea Monkey!


"Check out my knee pads,Chica. Aren't they sexy?"



This was a Caption that I made, that I had planned to use, but never got to, due to the thread ceasing.


'To no one's surprise, Jim finally came out of the closet.'


I would also like to give a special mention to MonkeyJoe, for continuing the tradition and keeping the Captions alive on the board. Check out the thread if you haven't seen it.

I even added one in there for old times sake 


Before getting a job with the Government, Leon worked as a pool boy, serving meals to Rosie O Donnell.


Most of you have prob seen these, but they deserve promoting again. A while ago, Black mentioned that he was working on a project, making RE chars, reenacting a certain scene. The result was the very cool Birkin Battle with Hunk! Now Black has been working on Nemmy and Tyrant, as shown in the last 2 panels. As you can see, he did a freakin great job with them.

Nice job dude. applause Looking forward to seeing what you have planned next 


3 more pics of Nemmy and Tyrant:

Awesome stuff by BLACK

A long time ago, Black created this Barry comic, which was hilariously amusing on the eyes. Here it is, in its original form.

I love Barry's facial expressions. Nicely drawn in all the panels, fits the situation and makes it more comical. Good stuff Black. Keep 'em comin.

Here are some color versions he made


and this is The Man himself...Black riding off into the sunset on the Birkin Monster, with Alexia by his side.


so full of Awesome win!!!! 


Black also recently did some awesome pics for BE2, for the Amber musical number.

I'd like to post them here as well, to show appreciation.


and here are the originals, in the testing stage.


Thanks again,buddy. Love your work. Hope to see more soon. 



There's always more when it comes to Black's insane and funnily pics.

Here's the RE4 comic he did:


This last one he did is called 'JOE'S RESIDENT EVIL'

As always.....AWESOME.  That is definitely how my game would be. I would so love to be the meat in that sandwich.


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