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It's Joe's OU and RE2 page!!! Rejoice


Hey All,

Well, 2nd page is up and going. Hope you all enjoy it. BE:OU will be housed here, along with other tidbits. There's more room here so, you will see expanded stuff. The CC spotlights will be featured here. A special dedication to the NTC's will be in the other page. I don't have the time to work on these as much as I would like, but I'll try and make it as cool as possible. There will be a pics section as well, of mine and if anyone wants to submit any, that's fine too. I'll give you credit. I'm also most likely planning to add my 1 shot here too, but that will probably debut on the board first.

BE:OU has some added dialogue, few new short scenes and pics. 1 was Rob's ending, that accidentally got left out, cuz IGN sucks ass. Another one I added, originally was going to go in 2, but I had nowhere to put it and seeing I didn't want to waste it, I figured I'd use it in a flashback sequence here. Not as many changes as BE1, but still fun. A few pics added as well. BE2 references OU at least 4 times so, if you haven't read it, you should.



Update 1/15!!!

Been a long ASS time...what, a year about since the last one? but finally an update.  FINALLY added the 4th Caption pics section. Check em out, they're good. Mostly mine, but I also added Amber's and found a pic for David's. I collected all the good ones from the board over the years and put them up here, for all to view.  Also, I mentioned to a few people, I have a new section coming soon, that you WILL get a kick out of.  I also added links to Black's Barry comic and posted some of his new ones in there. Check that out while you're on the page. Oh, also linked to MonkeyJoe's Caption thread. Keep up the good work, guys.

The AOTW has been MIA but will return soon. BE has been coming along. People need to read and post in there though. not_talking I'll prob be adding my game want list here as well. Time to update that movie list down below.



Holy Crap! It's been ages since I've updated here. Finally did tonight, due in part because TomCat decided to read this, so I checked the site to see if any pics needed fixin,which of course they did. So since I fixed the fic part,I decided to look over the whole site and fix the rest. Damn REfan site. Hopefully I'll be able to find those pics again. I'll be working on this during the week.

8/25/10  Ok, found all the caption pics, replaced Black's pics and added a few new ones. Thanks again,Amber.

I'd tell you how awesome you are again, but you're ego is getting big enough. 



Another year has started. Prob better I put the year to the date, makes it easier to read.

Well, corrected a bad oversight and added Goonie to the Cool Club. He should've been there a long time ago.

Also added Black's BE2 pics in his section.




Finally doing some major work to the pages. Some stuff got moved around. BE2 has now been added here....much to anac's delight. 

The only prob I'm having is renaming the site. It won't let me change the page,to add BE2 on there. Sucks....but at least it's there.

Had to cram a lot of the updates onto one page,because they don't give you that many pages to work with's good enough.

For those reading here, like anac...don't forget to comment,so at least I know you read it and what you liked.

There's also going to be a new page added soon. An idea I had a long time ago. Hope you'll find it amusing.









 Stay Cool guys. Thanks for visiting, check back from time to time and as always, please stop by the Guest Book and post comments about what you think of BE:OU and the page in general . 



extra old stuff

Still love this track on the early trailer for Prey.





will be updated soon with a new list for something                  


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